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DSP232+ and the RTS / CTS fix

If you own a Timewave DSP-232+ TNC and are trying to connect to it using a USB to serial adapter, then you have likely come across issues when trying to operate in KISS mode. No matter what the settings, it … Continue reading

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DSP-232+ and KISS operation

While I wait for my DS1243Y-120+ samples to arrive, I thought I would spend a bit of time working with my DSP-232+ and a Raspberry Pi. Although the DSP-232+ is capable of acting as a standalone system, I would like … Continue reading

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APRS / packet radio / TNC fun

Hi all, I’ve had a crazy summer so far, and as a result I’ve had little time for tinkering and ham radio. Despite this fact, I’ve managed to acquire a new (to me) piece of kit: a Timewave DSP-232+ DSP … Continue reading

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APRS & Soundmodem

I was not satisfied with my prior results with the APRS testing, so I setup soundmodem in an Ubuntu environment on my trusty netbook and set-off to decode packets. As expected, everything went well – soundmodem was decoding local packets … Continue reading

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