Amateur Radio Worked Examples

Amateur Radio: Basic & Advanced Worked Examples

Amateur Radio: Basic & Advanced Worked Examples

I put together a study guide to help those wishing to study for the Basic and/or Advanced Amateur Radio Certification exams.

This guide is designed around working through calculations step-by-step in such a way as to demonstrate how to solve radio related problems.

This is the ideal study aid for those who have been away from math for some time and are interested in refreshing (or improving) their mathematical skill set.

Here is my work in progress (updated Oct 05 2013):

Amateur Radio Worked Examples (556kB)

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  1. Rod Eastman says:

    I have your page bookmarked. I found you while doing a search for a soundcard to radio (FT-60R) interface cable schematic. I am General class from the states, Kansas. Good information here, nice site ! 73’s!

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