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More Linux & Radio

Day two of my field-testing the Linux netbook. The machine I use is an Asus eeePC Seashell netbook with an Intel Atom 1.5GHz processor and 2GB RAM. It will last ~8 hours on a charge and is plenty powerful enough … Continue reading

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Playing radio ..

So today I decided to spend some time playing radio in the FJ. I drove down to the Canadian Aviation Museum which is situated along the Ottawa River to watch some light aircraft come and go as I played around. … Continue reading

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Bounced email …

Hi all, Sorry if you’ve emailed me recently only to have the email bounce back to your inbox. This web service is being hosted on a VPS server (as opposed to my usual collocated machine) and the incredibly bad sys-admins … Continue reading

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On the topic of USB-to-serial adapters

Awhile back I saw some USB-to-serial adapters which were extremely slick. Imagine the whole package in the same form-factor as the DB-9 (serial) pin header. That’s right! The whole adapter fits in the same footprint as the serial port connector … Continue reading

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