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Testing and improving station frequency accuracy & precision

So your digital mode software is configured to control your transceiver via CAT control (excellent!). The software indicates that you are currently on the 20m band in FT8 mode, so your radio has been tuned to 14.074MHz USB (or digital … Continue reading

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Digital modes & the importance of synchronization

When using the newest digital modes (such as JT65, FT8, FT4, etc…) to decode signals well into the noise floor, it is imperative to have accurate time. More accurately, it is important to have good synchronization. Many modern protocols used … Continue reading

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SG-230 Smartuner (Antenna coupler) investigation

I am fortunate that I have in my possession an SG-230 Smartuner remote automatic antenna coupler. This unit is capable of “tuning” a wide variety of antenna configurations from 1.6 to 30 MHz at power levels between 3 to 200W … Continue reading

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DSP232+ and the RTS / CTS fix

If you own a Timewave DSP-232+ TNC and are trying to connect to it using a USB to serial adapter, then you have likely come across issues when trying to operate in KISS mode. No matter what the settings, it … Continue reading

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