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A better way …

I am sure there is a better way. That better way may just happen to be a magnetic loop antenna. I was reviewing some old physics text books that I have and I began to contemplate the usefulness of the … Continue reading

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JT65 Operation

Over the past week or so, I have been casually putting together an operator’s guide to JT65-HF communications. The beauty of this mode is that with only a few watts and a simple (as in random wire) antenna, one can … Continue reading

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FT-101E Project: The tune-up

So I have been playing with the FT-101E a little bit here and there and did finally check the output by simply connecting a dummy load and following the factory tune-up procedure. With a random wire and an antenna tuner, … Continue reading

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Server crash …

Hi all, Still working away on my temporary VPS solutions while I source a new 1U server to replace my old system. The old unit finally died after 11+ years of continuous service. I expect it will be a couple … Continue reading

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