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(32-bit) Time is running out !

When I was compiling a new version of the ntpsec package that I use for my Stratum-2 NTP server, I noticed an interesting warning that is well known but I had never paid attention to: WARNING: This system has a … Continue reading

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MFJ-4117 Bias Tee – 0.06dB loss

In order to remotely power my SG-230 Smartuner which will (temporarily) live in my attic to “tune” a large vertical loop antenna, I opted to use a bias-T to inject DC power onto the coax. Bias tees are passive components … Continue reading

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Electronics EDA software – Time for change (enter KiCad)

Since roughly 2010, I have been using (formerly) CadSoft’s EagleCAD electronic design automation software quite happily. It took a lot of getting used to (it had a very steep learning curve) but I became quite good at using Eagle. I … Continue reading

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Digital modes & the importance of synchronization

When using the newest digital modes (such as JT65, FT8, FT4, etc…) to decode signals well into the noise floor, it is imperative to have accurate time. More accurately, it is important to have good synchronization. Many modern protocols used … Continue reading

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