On the topic of USB-to-serial adapters

Awhile back I saw some USB-to-serial adapters which were extremely slick. Imagine the whole package in the same form-factor as the DB-9 (serial) pin header. That’s right! The whole adapter fits in the same footprint as the serial port connector which your device uses.

DB9 USB-to-Serial Adapter

DB9 USB-to-Serial Adapter

Now instead of a USB-to-serial cable connected to your device, you can just connect directly to a USB port – no need for that silly adapter cable! Just solder one of these modules in place of the existing passive serial-connector and you have yourself what has effectively become a USB device! What a great way to modernize a legacy piece of equipment.

You can purchase these adapters for about $15 from Digikey.

Update: I purchased a couple of these units and they are fantastic!! I installed one in a DSP-232+

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2 Responses to On the topic of USB-to-serial adapters

  1. Lyndel says:

    So…did you ever use one of these? Curious how they work? I’m thinking of putting them on some of my TNC’s…I think they would work nice.


    • James says:


      So I’ve not yet ordered the USB-to-serial-in-a-DB9-connector gadget, however, I have spoken with an acquaintance who saw this blog posting and picked a couple of these up. He found the whole replacement rather seamless and is glad to have made the swap.

      I really should order one or two just to have on-hand for older equipment … maybe it is time to put together another DigiKey order 😉


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