QSL cards arrived – 43 to send out

My first-ever batch of QSL cards has arrived from UX5UO print today and I am very excited. The quality is superb and the price was excellent.

I opted for the luxury version (full colour front with a glossy finish, and gray-scale reverse).

I am sitting next to a box of 1000 cards, 43 of which have been filled out and are ready to be sent via the bureau (with one exception – a card to KD8BIN who QSLed me direct which was very thoughtful).

Sure is a lot of work trying to catch up on QSLing back-logged contacts! I have to remember to stay on top of my logs to ensure I don’t have a pile of QSL cards to send out in the future.

Now I just have to figure out how I actually send these via the bureau. 🙂

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  1. VE3OIJ says:

    You need to be a member of RAC to use the (outbound) bureau.

    Mail the cards to:

    RAC Outgoing QSL Bureau
    PO Box 11156
    Station H
    Nepean, ON K2H 7T9

    Generally you should sort them in DXCC country order (roughly, but not exactly, alphabetical by callsign… so something like OMAN (A’s), then China (B’s), then Cuba (CO’s), then Portugal (CT’s), then Germany (D’s), France (F’s), England (2’s, G’s, M’s), and so on. USA, Canada and Australia are usually sorted by region as well (numeric order for most, but zone 4 for USA has a WA4 QSL bureau and a W4 QSL bureau, so american zone 4 callsigns are sorted by whether or not there are two letters or one in the prefix).

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