I am the worst QSLer ever …

Ok, so I started out with the best of intentions – kind of like when you buy that gym membership and promise yourself that you would get out and start your routine … but in a couple of days when you have a chance to give it your best starting effort. Well, I’m that guy.

I have my QSL cards, and a second direct card came to me from W4MPS (thanks much!) and I -still- have yet to send my first batch out. Why? That gym membership thing … remember?
In all honesty, I will be sending a rather large batch (15) of direct cards out tomorrow and will include my first packet destined to the out-bound QSL service for VE/VA land. As per the directions on the RAC out-bound website (and VE3OIJ’s guidance) I have sorted the cards as best as I could figure, including my attempt at organizing the bizarre US W4-land scheme.

I think this will be a rather expensive visit to the post office tomorrow morning, however, if others enjoy receiving a QSL card half as much as I have so far, the cost is secondary.

So in closing, my apologies to the more on-the-ball Hams (KD4BIN and W4MPS whose call signs will forever be imprinted in my mind) for not getting this done sooner.
To all who are going to receive a direct QSL card out of the blue, please, do me the favour of a direct reply. I have not included a postage-paid return envelope in the hopes that you will agree to reply direct on your own dime.

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