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2 Year update

Well, Perhaps it is time to pull the plug on this blog? I haven’t updated in two years mostly because (unfortunately) this place has taken a back-seat to the daily grind. With two young children, there is not much time … Continue reading

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Hidden attic dipole antenna installation

So it has been forever since I’ve posted anything, let alone made any serious attempts at “playing radio” so I figured that I should change that! I’ve had too many excuses not to get this project done; time to make … Continue reading

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Heliax Cable

Back in October, I acquired 250 feet (~75m) of LDF2-50 (3/8″) Heliax cable for approximately $150. The cable also came with 9 x 41PW connectors which sadly are of no use to me presently as they are for the more … Continue reading

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