Collaboration complete

The work that Marc and I have put into the E-M-E project has wrapped up with some successful code which will control the Doppler shift tuning of Yaesu FT-8*7 series radios. I plan to review the code and see where it can be de-linearized for optimization, and once it gets the final okay from Marc and I, I am sure we will release it as a joint-effort to all who are interesting in auto-tunig for Doppler corrections.

The natural extension to this project would be an Azmuth / Elevation control routine which I have conincidentaly already completed – I just need to wrap it up into a neat library. Perhaps I will do the same with the Doppler stuff – time will well … I already have enough projects on the go!

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2 Responses to Collaboration complete

  1. J says:

    Hey, I love your site but wanted to give you a tip. Instead of saying FT-8*7 radios you might want to use ft-857/ft-897 or even just list one. The reason is when people are searching they are going to type in one of the model numbers and if you use a star people won’t be able to find it.

    • Gary M. Bazdell says:

      Hi J. I believe there are only three Yaesu FT-8*7 radios on the market, and if you are writing code for that series you need to describe it as FT-8*7 to include all. You must be a newbie more so than I ……. respectfully, own something.

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