VE3JW Training & Satellite Course

Today I met with Darin (VE3OIJ) at the club station VE3JW to be officially covered on the station open/close procedures, etc. I also took the opportunity to start the satellite course with Darin.

What we weren’t expecting was a mob of 10+ people from Gatineau to descend upon us. There was a call from Maurice-Andre warning of a pack of people arriving in about 5 minutes. By this point, Darin had me through the theory section of the course and we were on to the practical. Well as I am sure you can guess, the mob of people hindered the completion of the course. Oh well, another time!

I really enjoyed my time with Darin – he is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I know that I would learn quite a lot from him if given the opportunity. He’s definitely Elmer material. Heck – he helps teach the OVMRC course, what more can you ask for?

Thanks for your time today Darin! It was very informative and nice to work at the station with you!

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