OVMRC – Week 18

This Week:

*Regulations Part III by VE3QMC
*Course Review by VE3EJJ

The third and final module on Amateur Radio regulations was last official component of the course. Once again the material was presented by Michael (VE3QMC) who is very knowledgeable in the area of regulations (and technical matters too!). His well thought out explanations helped guide us to the how & why of some of the finer points in the regulatory aspect of this hobby. Michael took the time to address all questions and gave very in-depth explanations of the answers. I admire his patience in dealing with some of my questions / concerns as they tend to be more in-depth and technical in nature. We covered a lot of useful stuff including transmitter output power, bandwidth and modulation limits – all of which are fairly complex concepts in nature. Hats off to you Michael!

Our fearless leader Ernie (VE3EJJ) then took just over an hour and a half to attempt to summarize the early electrical theory with us. There never seems to be enough time in the day to cover all of the topics, and so I can understand the difficulty that such a review can present. I think that the broad review was well done and should encourage people to look over the early topics once again. I might try to organize an informal review session for my classmates, it may help encourage people to study and perhaps bolster their confidence going into the final test.

As always, I stayed a bit late to chat with Ernie after the class and as usual, I was awarded with some more of Ernie’s wisdom. That man should write a book!

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