A visit to the club station

Today I took the opportunity to visit the club station during some down-time. The visit to the museum was initially in the hopes of meeting with Cedric who is the volunteer coordinator for the Museum of Science and Technology (as well as the Aviation Museum, and the Agriculture Museum). As luck would have it, Cedric was away at another museum but was scheduled to be back at the Sci-Tech Museum at 11:30am.

I took the opportunity to check in at VE3JW to pass some time while waiting for Cedric. I had checked the OVMRC site prior to my visit at the Museum to see who would be operating that day and so I figured I would meet Sandy (VE3HAZ) at the station when I arrived.

Sure enough I met Sandy and introduced myself and he immediately welcomed me into the station. Sandy and I talked quite a bit as he operated the HF rig on the digital station. I had a really nice time chatting with Sandy in between satellite contact attempts (it was a bad orbit-day when I looked at the sky-view). Sandy is a really personable guy and so the time flew by as we chatted. I am really beginning to see how friendly the club members are! What a great group of people!

I didn’t log any radio contacts for the day but I sure did have a great time chatting with Sandy! Thanks for the great morning, Sandy! Now its time to follow up on some unrelated business prior to the radio course tonight. (Yes, I know that I am a geek)

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