OVMRC Pot Luck Dinner 2011

Tonight the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club held its annual pot luck dinner at the Museum of Science and Technology. This annual event is one that I now look forward to as soon as it is announced.

The pot luck is an informal meeting which provides time for all participants to socialize in a festive atmosphere. It is a great opportunity for new members to meet some of the club members and share stories on almost any topic, including technical advice! I was really glad to see two of the students (Travis and Georges) from this year’s course at the pot luck dinner – this is the perfect event to see who and what the OVMRC really is.

It was nice to catch up with everyone who attended the event. This year I sat with Darin (VE3OIJ), Beth (VA3CEW), Robert (VE2AGE), Maurice-Andre (VE3VIG), and those passers-by who stopped in for a chat.

Its a shame that many people missed the event, but it was a blast all the same! Maybe I’ll see you at the next one?

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