My first lecture – Chapter 09: Magnetism & Inductance

This past Tuesday (Oct 18th) I presented my first lecture for this year’s OVMRC Radio Course and the material being taught was magnetism & inductance.

Background: A number of weeks ago, I was asked by Ernie (VE3EJJ, the club’s training chairman & lead instructor / examiner) if I was interested in helping teach the course this year, I responded to the affirmative without delay. My only hesitation was my (seemingly random) work schedule. As it turns out however, I am free for a number of Tuesday nights and so I am able to assist in teaching the course, which is an honour and a privilege.

My preparation for last Tuesday’s lecture started a couple of weeks ago when I learned what chapters I would be responsible for. After quite a few hours of working on my Power-Point slides, I was finally more-or-less satisfied that I had covered all the most pertinent points for my material. After having presented, I think I can improve upon my material a little, however, the time-line and key points did make it across (I hope).

The lecture went well and there was good participation from the group which is always nice, and in my opinion, helps convey the important concepts. After the formal material, we turned our attention to Ernie’s excellent inductance demonstration which encourages students to apply concepts previously covered (determining current by using a shunt to calculate the potential ratio).

Next up in my lecture series: Parallel LC & Harmonics – that is some pretty heavy material that I will try to distill down to the key points and present them in a multimedia manner. Better start on those slides soon! 🙂

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