Server crash …

Hi all,

Still working away on my temporary VPS solutions while I source a new 1U server to replace my old system. The old unit finally died after 11+ years of continuous service.

I expect it will be a couple of weeks until I can ship a stress-tested server to my data center in Tampa. Until that time, we will experience some minor glitches here and there.

More to follow …

(update): Mar 29 2011

  • Purchased 1U server via web-site from PCCyber – was told should hear back within 48 hours.
  • Waited one week and still did not hear back from PCCyber.
  • Called them and the web-sales goon indicated that he forgot to call me to let me know the server was on back-order.
  • Canceled order with incompetent company (history of troubles with them)
  • Purchased the same equipment from PC-Canada. Should be at my door in a day or two (Ie. April Fool’s).

So, all should be back to “normal” soon – not that anyone would realize the difference I am sure (being that this is all behind the scenes stuff). Just frustrating really – and I wanted to share my experience with the other knowledgeable sysadmins of present and of past.

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