FT-101E Project: Phase 01

So just over a week ago, I purchased a boat-anchor from Robert (VA2AGE) who was also kind enough to lend me a SWR meter and a dummy-load . This beautiful little gem is a Yaesu FT-101E which dates back to some time around 1975. The radio is a hybrid in that all components except for the final drive circuitry are solid-state. The finals are tube driven and use 6JS6C Tubes. For more information on the FT-101 series of radios, I recommend a peak at the Fox-Tango group.

After some very brief testing, it appears that the noise-blanking circuit is shot – it causes noise when I turn it on. Some advice given to me from a repair tech I met yesterday suggested that I try replacing the diodes and transistors with equal value replacements.

Using a piece of old phone cord, I was able to tune in a station down in Cuba transmitting on 7.375MHz (40m band). The signal came in very strong, however, I still had some issues reducing all the background noise.

My intention is to get a PL-259 patch-cord to hook up a test rig as follows: TXVR-SWRmeter-DummyLoad.

Once I figure out those logistics, I’ll try tuning up the radio for TX – though I still need an antenna tuner and some long wire!

More to follow …

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