Sound Card Interface v0.11

Just a quick update on my all-in-one interface card: I sent off another board to be fabricated to test some of the functionality that I’d like to provide in the final interface. With any luck, I should be getting some PCBs back in a few weeks to build up and work out any other glaring mistakes that I made.

Designing PCBs and making your own libraries to populate the boards with has been quite a good learning experience. I’ve made plenty of small mistakes which have helped me to better learn the process. For example, I’ve learned the benefit of adding plated thru-holes as test points and/or bodge wire connection points – something that my current prototype board will now provide.

Next plan will be to source more SMD components for a final build – this will necessitate some additional design learning to optimize placement for eventual assembly by hand.

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2 Responses to Sound Card Interface v0.11

  1. 9V1LW says:

    I’m very interested in how this project turns out! I’ve been working on something similar and trying to keep everything on a single chip by using the sound card’s built in GPIO instead of a separate serial converter. What method are you using for the PTT control?

    • James says:

      The new boards should arrive any day now so that I can prototype the next phase of the project. I can’t wait!!

      I am planning to use an opto-coupled GPIO to control the PTT which itself will be controlled via software (on-chip) serial commands. Ie. it will act as a serial port dongle.

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