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This afternoon I stopped by VE3JW to learn from Ernie (VE3EJJ) while he worked at the club station. As it turned out, I spent the afternoon trying to tune in satellites which is most certainly not as easy as it would seem. Ernie patiently showed me some tricks as we tried tracking satellites as they faded in and out.

One thing I learned is that there certainly are some “satellite squatters” out there. I suppose these are the same people who never learned to share as kids – only now they are blasting the Yankee legal limit of 1.5kW at a satellite where 5-10W would suffice. Needless to say it was impossible to get a word in edge-wise. Maybe its the Canadian way, but I think I was too polite to break in to log a contact.

We had one opening to the Azores, however it seems that our signal was not received at the far end. It would have been pretty cool to work a contact across the Atlantic.

As usual, I learned a lot from Ernie about various aspects of Amateur Radio as well as some of Ernie’s professional experiences in Power Systems. I really try to learn as much as I can from Ernie – it is a privilege that I am able to spend time with him as he works the radios.

Thanks a ton Ernie!

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  1. Robert says:


    Your blog is an excellent idea, a way for those of us who took the course to make comparisons.

    Those of us who took the course from Ernie are fortunate indeed. He is more than simply a source of much knowledge; he is always willing to share his knowledge and his patience has no limits.

    I took the course in 2004. Since then, Ernie has helped me learn to operate some of the equipment ot VE3JW, He has also been very helpful with some kits I built that had unclear instructions. Also, he winds coils like the engineer that he is! He is both a scholar and a gentleman.


    Robert VE2AGE

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