Okay, it is confirmed. I really am a geek.

There was no OVMRC radio class tonight and I was a bit bummed out. This week’s homework is to memorize the phonetic alphabet and to learn some of the Q-codes. I suppose I really should start to learn what QRM (being interfered with), QRS (slow down), QSL (acknowledge receipt), etc. all mean.

The Advanced exam studying is going well – only a few minor hiccups in my progress, all related to lack of review. It really helps to do a few practice exams on a regular basis as it turns out! I am still learning of a few new knowledge deficiencies and so I take the opportunity to research each notable topic as they come up.

I really look forward to next week’s class. Maybe I’ll take the time to pre-read the material and catch up on all of the sample questions from weeks past.

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