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Officially Certified!

Stop laughing! I said certified, not certifiable. Well, maybe that is debatable. I checked the RAC callbook and saw my name listed as VE3BUX! How exciting! Time to register a domain and all that jazz. Still studying for the Advanced … Continue reading

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OVMRC Course – Week 8

This week: *Solid State Devices by VE3SUY *On-Air Instruction by VE3EJJ and VE3OIJ This week’s class started with me discretely handing off my “IC-2381: Application and Report for Amateur Radio Operator Certificate and Call Sign” form to Ernie so that … Continue reading

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Today I wrote the Basic Amateur Radio examination and scored high enough to qualify for the Basic+ Certification. Ernie Jury (VE3EJJ) was kind enough to allow me to write my examination at the OVMRC club station (VE3JW) at the Museum … Continue reading

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